Vidyarpan is the First Digital Pre School of India. Keeping CHILD’S SAFETY in mind we have incorporated all safety norms making sure make the parents feel safety for their child. You get the whole School in one Application in your Phone. Over and above, at Vidyarpan we nurture the innate talent in every child and help them acquire a few qualities in the area of Language, Speech and Expression.

The fear of new faces and fear of not reaching back home or parents.

During the trips the students travel in a Bus with experienced Drivers. All Teachers and Maids travel in the same Bus. We make sure all kids are in Uniform with the Identity Cards. One Teacher and Maid (2) is over 10kids. All counts are kept recorded the moment we start the journey from School till they come back.

A teacher of a Pre School needs to be patient and treat all the kids as their own kids.

For Pre School we should have a teacher who is at least NTT Trained and beyond.

Homework might not be compulsion in Pre School but is provided to make a routine or practice for child.

A preschool, also known as nursery school, pre-primary school, playschool or kindergarten, is an educational establishment or learning space offering early childhood education to children before they begin compulsory education at primary school.

Preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and small groups of children. It’s an opportunity to learn to share, follow instructions and begin the foundation for learning that will occur in Primary Schools. We also make them abled to easily navigate the change to Big number of kids each class.

Pre Schools initially do not have tie up with Primary Schools and shouldn’t have tie ups but yes they should be able to gather the details of when are the Admissions to Primary School open from time to time, for the convenience of the Parents. Further with time the Primary Schools are able to differentiate the child from which School have they done Pre School. They recognize the School with the efficiency of the kid sent to them for Admission.

Toilet training or potty training, is the process of training a kids, to use the toilet for urination and defecation. Most children can control their bowel before their bladder. Taking the child to use the washroom in regular intervals teaches them to inform an elder when they feel a pressure. We also teach them to stay dry throughout. It also works as an understanding between the child and the caregiver.

For a Pre School the Student Teacher Ratio should not be more than 1 : 15

Young kids might not develop an understanding that people and things exist even when out of sight. They gradually develop thinking skills. They might not adjust to a new environment and may need predictable relationships and time to feel comfortable. Few preschoolers might take time to develop a strong attachments with teachers, which allows the child to keep loved ones in mind when separated from them.

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